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Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Use Policy

Do not use your personal cell phone while on duty in a patient’s home. Personal calls made from work must be limited to urgent concerns that cannot wait until you are off duty. Never place a personal long distance call on the patient’s bill. Any emergency calls are allowed but must be limited in time.

Policy elements

Despite their benefits, personal cell phones may cause problems in the workplace. Employees who use their cell phones excessively may:

  • Get distracted from their work.

  • Disturb client by speaking on their phones.

  • Cause security issues from inappropriate use

  • Cause accidents when they are not paying attention to the client

Our company expects employees to use their cellphones prudently during working hours.

We advise our employees to:

  • Surf the internet, text and talk on the phone only for a few minutes per day.

  • Turn off or silence their phones when asked.

We won’t allow employees to:

  • Play games on the cell phone during working hours.

  • Use their phones for any reason while driving a company vehicle.

  • Use their cell phone’s camera or microphone to record confidential information.

  • Use their phones in areas where cell use is explicitly prohibited (e.g. laboratories.)

  • Speak on their phones within earshot of client/colleagues’ working space during working hours.

How to properly use cell phones in the workplace

Employees can benefit from using cell phones. They’re allowed to use their phones:

  • To make business calls.

  • To use productivity apps.

  • To check important messages.

  • To make brief personal calls away from the working space of client/colleagues.

Employees can use their phones during breaks or at lunch hour and while on a stationary vehicle.

Disciplinary Consequences

Our company retains the right to monitor employees for excessive or inappropriate use of their cell phones. If an employee’s phone usage causes a decline in productivity or interferes with care of client, we’ll ban that employee from using their cell phones.

Employees may face severe disciplinary action up to and including termination, in cases when they:

  • Cause a security breach.

  • Violate HIPAA

  • Cause an accident by recklessly using their phones

  • Cause hard to client from not paying attention while on their phones

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